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Recordfromto Command Not Working on Mac PrBoom-Plus

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As the title suggests, I've been having trouble with the -recordfromto parameter (used for TAS demos) on a Mac. Whenever I try to use it, it just displays the title screen of the wad instead of playing the seed demo. Does anyone know what the problem might be? I'm using PrBoom-Plus v2.5.1.3, by the way.

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Your syntax is all good? "-recordfromto existing_demo new_demo"
It goes to the title if the existing_demo doesn't exist, so it could be a path error based on where you are launching from.

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Yes, I was using the proper syntax. However, you bring up an interesting idea about it perhaps not finding the "seed" demo. In fact, your clue helped me, essentially, solve the problem. In case anyone else is curious and/or ever has this problem themselves, to get it to find the demo, I just dragged the file onto the Terminal window, and everything worked fine thereafter. I'm not sure why it doesn't find it when I typed only the file name, but oh well. Anyways, thanks for that.

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