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Super Fun Map! Please Try!

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Hey all,
So I've created a map, (Spawn-flict - XNP28A2E) and I am pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoy playing it. My brother and I can't get enough of it!

The basic concept is that there are two teams which spawn in identical, but not connected levels. Every demon you kill in your level triggers a demon spawn in your opponents level. Last team alive wins!

Each side of the map starts with six demons so there are always 12 demons on the map, but not always evenly split between two levels. If you manage to kill the first six demons on your side in the time your opponent(s) kill three, they'll have to deal with nine demons (the three left on their side in addition to the six new ones you created), while you only have to handle three!

Additionally, the order, location, and timing of the demon's spawning is different every time, because it is determined by your opponent's actions which you can't see!

For example, I had a a system for killing the first six I followed every time, but my brother started dominating me a bit, so I switched my kill order. The early spawns he had to fight of changed completely and it through him way off his game. Woot!

If both teams manage to clear all the demons the map will allow (64 demon max, 32 for each side) a teleport to a final arena is activated in which the teams face each other directly.

Lives are a shared resource for the entire team, so this map even makes for a fairly credible 3-player experience as well.

The team with two players obviously has two guns going at any given time and can cover each other, but they have to share the scant weapon, ammo, and health resources, not to mention lives!

We did have another player jump into our server and play for a few games. We rotated who was alone and who was on the two player team. The two player team tended to win, but not always, and it was never a blow out.

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