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Death Egg

Multiverse map dump

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Some of you out there may remember the community project I tried to start five years ago, before I really knew how to run any kind of a project. For those who don't, the idea was simple: every person involved was to make a map based on the first person shooter that they chose, going in the order of release. It would lead from the very first FPS, Maze War, to one of the last of the 'golden age' of FPS's, Unreal. Unfortunately... after about a month or two, the project lost steam and attention, and aside from a handful of maps nobody really contributed anything after a point. Since then I've just kind of sat on the semi-completed work. I figure I'm never going to do anything with it, so here it is:

Download Multiverse leftovers

The following maps are included in the package:

MAP01: Maze War by Death Egg
MAP02: Hovertank 3D by lupinx-Kassman
MAP03: Marathon Durandal by Death Egg (This map is really shitty, probably best to skip it)
MAP04: Powerslave by sgt dopey
MAP05: Blood (Unfinished) by Du Mhan Yhu... or rather, the first person to hold the account, who sadly passed away before completing this map. This is the final version I was sent.
MAP32: ???? by Death Egg

I won't be doing anything further with this project. If anyone wants to continue what little work there is or reboot the community project, then by all means you can use the maps. (Granted that lupinx-Kassman and sgt dopey approve of their usage first) The concept, title, and my maps are all free to use. The textures were gathered from Realm667. I didn't bother sorting through the texture packs to see which textures were used and just included them all, so I apologize for the somewhat bloated file size as a result.

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If someone else wants to, by all means. Lately I've been starting fresh and releasing everything I've been keeping, focusing on new stuff and mods I've always wanted to do. I'm done with this project, but if someone else turns it into something big I'd love to see it happen.

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Oh, i remember this! I still have the (unfinished) wad, that i kind forgot... downloaded the mapset now...

Anyway, you don't have the skaman Doom introductory map?

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Forgot about that map! Here it is separately. It's actually from a map pack that was already released before, but I don't remember which one:


Also includes ANIMATED lump I forgot to include with the first download, so I guess add this on if you want to play it with the correct animated textures in MAP02.

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