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Naked Snake

Death on Phobos

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"No...why?" you mutter to no one other than rotting corpses of your enemies and friends.The stink of decay slips by your air filter,filling your nose with the scent of death.Blood still flows from some bodies,others cold as ice.Some where cold as they walked,shambling towards you,with guns in their hands,waiting to kill you.You sit,thinking about the battle,the sounds of screams and roars,Guns firing and fireballs be thrown,and the screams of the dying.You had the infantry's only chaingun.You killed 6 of the brown monsters,one prepared to toss a fireball,you shot and killed it.It tossed its fireball at the ceiling,sending down a rain of fire,though not deadly it stung like a mad bee.You and the boys,fought with all your souls and bodies.Now,everyone is dead except you and what was his name?He was left on the ship.You doubt if he could even defeat on of these monsters.You grab McNauls 9mm handgun and cock the hammer and you put it to your temple...goodbye Mark...goodbye Sandra...I will watch you always...BAM!

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