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RETRES.wad and Ultimate Doom

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Hi I was making a E1M1 map using RETRES.wad. After finishing it I tried testing it in both ZDoom and PrBoom+. Well, I can't test it in the latter because this.

I was able to test it in (G)Zdoom but the console showed a boatload of texture errors and I wonder if it's the same thing. Not to mention that these errors don't show up if it was a Doom 2 map. So I tried integrating the RETRES textures I was using into my map itself using Slade3, and while I was able to start the map in PrBoom+ the whole thing just showed HOMs everywhere, now I'm completely stumped on what to do. I know I won't use the whole texture pack by the way, but I'm also wondering why it's not really compatible with the Ultimate Doom IWAD.

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In vanilla and classic ports, TEXTURE1 and PNAMES lumps are not cumulative, which means that the last loaded TEXTURE1 and PNAMES will override any previously defined TEXTURE1 and PNAMES, including the ones in the IWAD. Therefore, classic texture packs redefine all of Doom 2 textures and patches in their own TEXTURE1 and PNAMES, but then the texture pack is only compatible with Doom 2 IWAD.

Copy Doom 1's TEXTURE1, TEXTURE2 and PNAMES lumps into your wad, then open RETRES.wad in a separate SLADE3 tab, open the TEXTURE1 lumps in both wads, select and copy the non-stock-Doom2 textures from RETRES.wad's TEXTURE1, and paste them into your wad's TEXTURE1. Patches will be copied automatically.

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