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Brexit 2: UK parts ways with sanity

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Theresa May appointed Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson new Foreign Secretary of the UK. I'm not sure how to describe the mixture of surprise, disbelief and, as a non-UK person, certain schadenfreude, so let's have Angela Eagle perform it out.

The Tories really, really want to make sure we hate the UK, don't they? Or is this May's ploy to tap into Johnson's popularity while making sure he commits political sucide in the office? But surely she realizes the consequences will fall on her head? Is she okay with delegating the blonde buffoon to negotiate wars with Kerry, Lavrov and the likes? Or maybe this is a declaration of war on Africa? Has May always wanted a pet Trump but daddy wouldn't buy her one?

Amazing. Keep us entertained, Britain!

(edit: wrong wording)

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How the fuck is this serious? More proof that common sense does not seem to exist with a lot of people here. I am more certain than ever that this government wants to destroy this country. This is a disgrace, why on earth that Boris cunt is even in politics in the first place, I don't know. Even more reason to leave this shit hole.

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We were fucked, (and not in the good shagging sort of way), when Theresa May was appointed PM she is basically the next Margaret. I would rather have her than that complete and utter Nazi bitch who thankfully dropped out, though.

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I noticed that as soon as the Brexit vote was announced my intake of political media pretty much hit zero. I've decided to not waste my time on it. Obviously I'll 'follow' it by being told by friends & colleagues what is going on, but I'm not going to waste my time reading up on it anymore as it simply angers me.

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Springy said:

We were fucked, (and not in the good shagging sort of way), when Theresa May was appointed PM she is basically the next Margaret.

Pretty much. All she needs is an Argentinian ship to sink and she ticks all the boxes. She has some decidedly questionable views about immigration and human rights too:


Progressive policies have gained May support among moderates and modernizers, but many feel uncomfortable with her immigration policy. The Irish Times described various policy proposals she's put forward on immigration as "draconian enough to be overruled by cabinet colleagues."
May wants to reduce net migration to the UK from 330,000 to the tens of thousands and wants to bar British citizens from bringing in their foreign born spouses or children unless they meet certain financial requirements — regardless of how much the foreign spouse earns.
“When immigration is too high, when the pace of change is too fast, it’s impossible to build a cohesive society,” she said in a 2015 speech.
She also voted in May to repeal the Human Rights Act. She reasoned that it limits the power of government, according to the Independent.

Seems everyone's gone mad for restrictions on immigration, despite the fact that figures prove immigration is a net contributor to the UK economy and, given recent aftershocks from a certain referendum, you'd think we'd naturally take all the help for our economy we can get right now. Perhaps common sense is too much to ask in the current political climate.

And as for Johnson, this says it all.


Springy said:

I would rather have her than that complete and utter Nazi bitch who thankfully dropped out, though.

She's in the cabinet, though, Leadsom is now the Environment Secretary (or "Fuck the Environment" Secretary as it should now be known).

In other news, loathsome turd Liam Fox is back on the tory front benches in guise of International Trade Secretary. And that utter fuckwit, Jeremy Hunt, who believes in homeopathy, is still somehow Health Secretary. The mind boggles.

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Even though Theresa seems to hate the concept of privacy for everyone, it'll be interesting to see how this all turns out. Besides, she kicked Gove out and is against making all schools academies, so theres a few good changes right there.

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