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Another method for submitting pull requests on GitHub

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I know there is a tutorial here for submitting pull requests, but this method is easier for me, saves HDD space, doesn't require the Desktop client and all works within the browser.

1- Register a GitHub account and verify it.

>Let's pretend you chose the name "user", for this guide.

2- Go to freedoom/freedoom

3- On the top-right corner, there is a button labeled "Fork". Click it.

4- You will now be directed to "user/freedoom", your very own fork of Freedoom, which you can use to make your very own versions of Freedoom.

5- Now go into the appropriate folder you wish to upload a file/files, such as Flame Bringer sprites go in the "sprites" folder, ceiling and floor textures go in the "flats" folder, etc.

>For "music" folder uploads, make sure the music file itself is a MIDI file, but rename the file extension from "mid" to "mus"

6- Once you have gone into the appropriate folder, on your top-right, there is a button labeled "Upload Files". Click it.

7- Now you drag and drop the files of your choice or you select them for uploading. Once you're satisfied that the file(s) have uploaded, in the title bar, write in a format similar to "Folder: File".

The optional description box can be used if you have any important/good-to-know comments, such as how you made the file(s), what you used, where you made it, how you found it, the creator's name(if not you), etc.

Then further downwards, you'll see that these changes are set to the master branch "user/freedoom". Instead, select "Create a new branch", and name it however you like.

8- If you feel everything has been done, then press the green button on the bottom labeled "Propose Changes".

9- Now comes the pull request itself. GitHub will check if the "user/freedoom" can merge with the new branch you create. You really don't have to change anything in the title or description here, unless you have something to say. Once satisfied, press the green button "Create Pull Request".

10- TA-DA! You now have a pull request for merging the new branch with "user/freedoom"... But we need the pull request to be on "freedoom/freedoom" not "user/freedoom". So go back to "Code".

11- Now you'll see that you commited your changes to the branch you created.

Now press "Pull Requests".

12- You'll see that your pull request is listed here for the "user/freedoom" branch. Press the green button labeled "Create Pull Request" on the right side.

You might get a "both branches are identical" messages. You can fix this by selecting the branch you made. By selecting "Compare", a dropdown list of branches appear. Pick the branch you made.

Finally, press the big magic button called "Create Pull Request".

13- Voila! Your pull request is now in "freedoom/freedoom"! Now all you have to do is wait for chungy to do something with your pull request.

Well I hope this made things a bit more simpler.

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