The Great Tyson Thread of 2016

Another certainly doable one is ksutra map14. If you camp around the central horseshoe structure, pretty much everything dies to infighting. Two cyberdemons and a spider mastermind need to be killed with berserk + 900 bullets. One cyberdemon and the spider can both be killed safely with the pistol. The last cyberdemon is in a decent location for punching (perhaps it makes sense to kill it first of all?). If you get very lucky with the infighting, bullets might last all the way (e.g. arachnotrons might kill the spider).

Gusta said:

I think that all ksutra maps have berserk (+ lot of power up) but I am afraid that it's too much of luxury and those maps are way too easy for these crazy guys :-)

Yeah, lots of turret monsters and blocking lines make life hard on the remaining maps though...

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So, who can find applications for the impse glide? My humble conjecture is that at least one impossible map becomes trivially easy to do with the impse glide.

4shockblast's stunning cyber ass-punching tactics are also something that should be taken into serious consideration everywhere. Maybe similar approach can help dealing with some tricky arachnotrons and mancubi somewhere? Keep in mind that with revenant missiles we can distract almost any monster anywhere, even if it requires opening doors or ascending stairs. Too bad the homing missile does not go through teleports.

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The Aqfaq Conjecture - doomwiki page needed

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Some strat dumps and difficulty corrections for runs that I'm not likely to do at this point:

  • Regarding perdgate map 29, the cyber stuck strats make it quite doable; you can get the cyber infighting with a revenant from above and get it stuck in a corner very easily. Rest of the map is not bad as you get a lot of bullets and infight opportunities. 25 still looks to be annoying as fuck at best (though short), and 30 still seems TAS only.
  • I'd say Scythe map 27 is possible with the cyber strats. Most of the map is punchable, the one cyber in the library area is infightable with the revenant that's stuck on the key pillar near the exit room (although I couldn't get it stuck when I tried). The three cybers are also possible to get infighting with the secret soul sphere revenant, although that's a really long way to lure a rev rocket, and I can't do it consistently. It is possible to get them infighting with the rev across diagonally, though, and they have a hard time hitting it, so I suspect you could get all three of them distracted, then lure away the rev with a pistol shot without requiring too much luck. Also, I should note that the strafejump at the start is very useful here as it allows an easy archvile telefrag. Don't have anything new for the rest of the undone maps.

I also looked at Sunder Tyson about a year ago. I did 1 pretty easily, the other ones that look promising are 4 and 7. 4 is almost certainly possible, although you are likely to run out of bullets for snipers, so you might need some luck with infighting there. 7 is a rough one and doesn't have a ton of bullets, but you can infight a large portion of the map, you get a berserk, and one line skip allows you to avoid being locked in the second-to-last area, which gives you a lot more room for infighting. I'd still not label it as anything lower than INSANE+, but maybe it's not TAS only?

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note about strafejump on sc27
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