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Calling out Memfis (kuchitsu)

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I challenge you, Memfis!

What's up for grabs? Two months of any avatar the victor chooses!

I think the Doomshack California servers will provide as good a bridge as any between Russia and Australia :) I'm okay with ZD, Zand or Odamex - Your choice. The frag limit will be 50, and I'm okay with using duel40, zddl or duelpack as our packs to pick maps from.

So, whadda ya say? You got off without a custom title last time, I can't let that slide!

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Hey man.

I like the idea but unfortunately at the moment I'm very bored of Doom (not surprising considering that I'm responsible for more FDAs/speedruns/maps/servers/reviews/posts than most people ever will). So if we play this match right now I won't be able to enjoy it fully.

Maybe if some time passes I will get excited about the game again just like 4-5 years ago when it meant so much to me. Maybe I've had my lifetime quota of Doom and it will never be awesome like it used to be. Who knows.

I'll bump this thread when/if the time comes.

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I know that feeling. I've taken long hiatuses from all of my hobbies at one point or another, sometimes lasting many years, sometimes only to come back and appreciate it in a completely different way. Good luck and stuff, Memfis. :)

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Spoken like a true sucka. You definitely won't be enjoying doom when you LOSE.

Wipe the floor with him Doomkid!

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What 40 said!!


No but seriously, I hope you come around to enjoying Doom to it's fullest again soon :) No rush man!

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