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Need assistance on gunshot sound

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To start off, I am making my first weapon on Slade 3 for Doom 2 and I am having trouble executing the gunshot sound when shooting. I am learning from WildWeasel's tutorial, but I'm not understanding well from his Sound Effect article. This is what I did in order:

First I created the sounds folder inside the WAD with my decorate file (the gun). Afterwards, I copied the pistol sound called DSPISTOL from doom 2 and paste it inside the sound file. Then I created the SNDINFO Entry and wrote down weapons/pist DSPISTOL on the first line. Finally, I went back to my decorate file and replaced, "weapons/shotgf" with, "weapons/pist" on the AttackSound Actor. The sound does not work when I try the gun on Doom 2. I also wrote down, "pist DSPISTOL" on both the SNDINFO, and on the actor, but no dice. Can anyone tell me what I am screwing up on?

Also, I wanted to know where the creator of the tutorial got the sound, "shotgf" from?
Here is the link of the tutorial. http://gunlabs.blogspot.com/2011/01/tutorials.html

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I'm rather new to sound myself, sometimes I can get it to work one way but not the other...then the reverse.

You could try on the fire state where the sprites are, typing this on the first frame of that state.

A_Playsound ("weapons/pist")

Not sure if this is a better or worse way....and I only ever use it when the other way just flat out refuses to work.

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After screwing around a bit more, I got it to work! The sound of bullets and flying guts never sound so euphoric!

What I did was copied both the SNDINFO, and the sound and paste it right below my decorate file. So basically, I removed the sound folder.

Thanks for the help anyways Xegethra. You should check out the link I posted. Perhaps it can help you out.

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I probably should get into pk3 files....Every time I make a WAD it doesn't let me use folders. Oh well.

They mentioned the A_Playsound method I use. I don't know why but sometimes things like Activesound or whatever just doesn't want to work. It's great when it does though because then I don't have to fiddle with the frames in the state section to get it working.

I remember first doing sounds, I didn't realise at first quite how the soundinfo worked. I got confused with how to structure it all. And then when I would look in other people's WADS they would be different from one another and that confused me more. I like to think I have a better understanding of it now.

The link might help me out, I am currently stuck trying to get some new menu sounds when you scroll through the options. Instead of the lift sounds, I want my car rev sounds to play instead. I can get one sound to play but the randomising thing doesn't work with it.

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Diablo4119 said:

Also, I wanted to know where the creator of the tutorial got the sound, "shotgf" from?

If I'm understanding your question correctly, "shotgf" is already in your Doom WAD, and is already defined in ZDoom.pk3's SNDINFO.

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