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General Rainbow Bacon

The Lower Paths (new map)

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Could've added atleast one screenshot:

It looks pretty good from what I saw by taking a quick look in Eureka.

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Not sure if it's just me, but I don't come further than the first 2 barons of hell playing with a keyboard in chocolate.

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Completed on uv 100% kills 2/5 secrets no saves. Not bad, layout is ok, visuals so so: I would have liked ashwall combined with the vine wall in the red key/arch-vile zone for All the map (this is a personal preference).
Gameplay is ok: the abovementioned AV imps/HKS room was the hardest part for me and the double revenants/sergents got me on my first tries.
Why the BFG and megasphere only at the end of the map ?^ (or I miss something and they can be obtained first).
There is a missing texture in the nukage zone with the two arch-viles

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