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Demon Disposal- Single Map

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MAP01, Boom compat

There's really no backstory to this. Inspiration hit and was enough for me to see this map to completion. Not sure how long it took me, but it was only a couple hours. Still, I like how it turned out.

No difficulty levels, this time.

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Hey man I just finished this map, and I liked it! I love maps that utilize the same space throughout their duration -- each time I hit a switch, something new happened and I never felt disengaged. I like the big wooden structure in the middle, shows promise for your ability to create cool looking architecture as you continue to develop your style.

Great job with the manc firing down at the player as they try to climb up the side. It was a nice touch that they're underequipped to deal with it until they reach the rockets at the top, and even then you give just enough that your shots better count. I think that maybe the final fight was a little underwhelming, as it just seemed to be some cacodemons, a revenant, and some souls. But either way, I look forward to seeing more from you!

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I have been putting off making an fda for this map; wondering if it's vanilla, or if not, what particular format it is.

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Right, thanks. Maybe I'm just illiterate, heh, but I don't remember that being there when I dl'd the map initially and I clearly failed to re-read the OP, assuming I didn't miss it the first go 'round. Sorry for the confusion. Prolly will play it tonight then.

Well, I'm embarrassed to note that there was just enough shells and rockets for my inebriated playing. Technically SDA, because I opened map in chocolate doom a couple weeks ago to see if it'd work, though I didn't actually move or fire, but who the Hell cares it's a shitty watch not worth downloading, heh. Slightly more entertaining demo, could have been a speedrun at slightly over a minute, maybe 1:05-06, but I decided to go for 100%.

I liked this map; short and sweet. Good use of monsters and I gotta love that minimalist detailing; it looked good! Wasn't a big fan of the highest jump-down to HK+switch, but upon another run I see it's possible to kill him from below. The secret was kind of unexpected, but pulling up the map showed it to me after I got stuck on apparently nothing, lol. I liked the trap at the end, though perhaps it could have used more pressure from below; I feel like if I would have jumped down from the get-go I would have been fairly safe, but I could be mistaken on that. I can appreciate the perhaps unavoidable medikit before the final switch; you're meant to have >26% health with no extra medikit around, though I certainly tried to go against the grain, heh. Would love to see a continuation off of this.

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