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Winter has come - take 2

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So, when I downloaded it from Steam, I got the same problem other people did. I played through my copy of it and it played fine. I re-submitted it. Redownloaded it and it played fine. So, it should be good now (hopefully)
Please let me know if it doesn't work but if you have no issues, let me know what you think of 1. gameplay (too hard? Too easy?) 2.) atmosphere?
Design? Really not much to say with that since all the rooms are prefab but how it goes together is a design element I guess.

The new code is R6XMTMZS

As for the "easy" version (LCHPX5JL) it is exactly what I said - easy. A fast paced run and gun with virtually zero chance of dying and you certainly won't run out of ammo. I recommend the regular one for most players

Edit 1: So anyone have any issues with the map not doing what it's supposed to this time?

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