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Really Pingy Coop

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How do you manage to play with 200+ ping? Do you get accustomed to it, learn ways to compensate (e.g. overdodge + play a lot more campy, etc.)? It's so disconcerting. Pre-dodging a projectile that "should" be somewhere in front of you isn't really too hard -- it's dodging and then knowing that you have the option to move back to your original spot, because even though the projectile still looks like it's coming at you, it has passed you.

Ancalagon, I noticed you always have a ping in the mid to high 200s. Have you ever two-shot a cyber this way (one that's aggro'd at you)?

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Gotta fight the bad guys as far away as possible. Only close distance to use your weapon, then back far away. Don't even bother trying to get all the SSG puffs to hit a monster, it's not worth a revenant rocket to the face. Those SSG puffs are already overpowered, it's not worth trying to pinch your 2 shotgun shells for maximum efficiency.

Circlestrafing is no longer a fool-proof strategy since all the projectiles onscreen are displayed in unreliable positions... A zig-zag pattern of evading monsters is better. Or zig over to a monster, then zag over toward a different monster while putting the previous monster out of position to attack you.

Basically, be dominant on item collection too. Other players are leaving health pick ups and ammo to those who need it. If you are pinging hard, you need supplies all the time

Never, ever pick a fight with an archvile that's fighting a friend. You are not going to be the guy to save a marine from getting blown up. LOL

I only ever use the melee weapons if a monster is faced the other way or fighting an enemy

Just never pick up the invisibility sphere unless you fight hitscanners, lol again

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Git gud m8


You just get used to it, I played with 300 ping for years, I even had problems playing in singleplayer when I started recording demos.

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Ancalagon said:

I even had problems playing in singleplayer when I started recording demos.

Like, you played like a scaredycat or something?

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