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SpicyWaffle - a YT channel with unusual Doom playthrough videos

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Do you want to have some laughs while watching Doom gameplay?

Then go over to SpicyWaffle.
These two Texans post two videos every day of random games' playthroughs, mostly violent enough to be on par with Doom, including Manhunt, Hotline Miami and Broforce. One of the longest series they made is on Doom (played with Project Brutality and Ultimate DoomVisor). They have covered Ultimate Doom with Project Brutality, a half of Doom 2, No Rest For The Living, and Brutal Doom Starter Pack. Recently they also completed Doom 4. Today they started with Final Doom, taking on TNT first.

Now, why you may be interested in these videos? They are not typical "Let's Players" per se, as they alternate single videos with ongoing series. They also do not focus on game commentary that much. Their shtick is BLOOD DANCING, EXPLODERATING STUFF and ORGAN PARTIES. Corwin, the lead, revels in acting like a total sadistic maniac, whereas Uko (who sometimes does coops/deathmatches with him) is the more coolheaded brother. They manage to make funny videos out of playing even the most obscure games, IMO.

There are plenty of di** jokes, but not only that. They are actually rather knowledgeable about video games they play, and can express themselves with a surprisingly wide range of words (for LP-ers, at least). You can notice that this Corwin's slaughter frenzy that dominates the channel is just an act, and you can also expect other, more sensible and factual commentary from both of them. SW may not be the same thing as Doom Guy's Mind, but is not that far off if you want to enjoy Doom Comic-Doomguy impersonation playthrough.

Anyway, if you like heavy sexual humour mixed with ultraviolence and want to watch some Doom gameplay, I think that SpicyWaffle is your best bet.

SpicyWaffle's homepage: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8wf4Pw8fjNKD5xlRMW369g
SW's Doom playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLO2RSpgembtzvKpmN2_Et5rINhiuEQ1AB
SW's newest Doom video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrERYeidlBU

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gaspe said:

Is that a parody of the brutal Doom fanbase or is it for real?

guess both variants are correct.

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I've watched their PB and Paint the Town Red videos and they're decent Youtubers.



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You don't really need to censor expletives here.

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That is just a habit. I prefer not to write them openly, since I have as much time as I want when writing a post, so I can write with a cool head, unlike shouting curses immediately.

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