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sound effects issue

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Hello I have found out how to add custom sound effects to the wad however their is a problem im getting for some reason where the sound effect im using is very quiet and then combine this with the enemy monsters sound effects and and is almost un hearable over their sound effects.

If it helps what im doing is just renaming the sound clip i want to use as a already existing file name from doom EG. ds shotgn or something like that.

the type of file im using is mp3

thanks guys

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If you don't already have it, get Audacity. Then open the sound effect in Audacity and apply an amplification to it (I usually amplify so that there's a 1.0 dB buffer zone, only applies to lossy formats though). Then, re-export as OGG this time instead of MP3. Smaller file size. That should hopefully help.

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