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My new map Assassination

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I have made a new map Named:
Map ID: 5L8XK2UQ:

Snapmap Hub


This is my first real map that I made.
My first map was a terry trap called no choice because reasons

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This map... It can be done better. This is your first map. Still, my review will be harsh.

Gameplay: 2/5: Basic combat. Just imps, zombies, and lost souls. Only one mancubus/revenant take in, and the fights were too generic to me. More hellknights and other tough enemies can spice the battle up
Difficulty: 2/5: I never died once. And the battle never spiked into either too easy or too hard (except for the mancubus part) Doesn’t help that the map was mostly zombies and imps.
Map Design: 2/5: I like some of the rooms’ props! But I think like 2-3 modules only had that. The rest were basic, empty rooms, without much in it.
Sound: 2/5: One track music is better than no track, but DAMN I need more! Music that turns to combat when a battle shows in or something!
Uniqueness: 1/5: I’m sorry, but this map cannot be differentiated from any other map I can find by random. It has simple battles, with simple logic, with a simple objective of kill and win. Without difficulty. Well, it is a first map.
Technicality: 3/5: The map didn’t break! But there’s no new logic ideas that make this map technically superior to others. I saw nothing that stood out in terms of coding.

Don't take this as an insult, but more of a guide of what you can do to make your map better. It is your first. And there's room for improvement.

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I plan on making a sequel to this as with this I had a stealth thing going on but I decided to do something since the A.I.'s fov is like 180 so I decided to make it a bit more traditional I simply wanted to get it done. It's the reason why the combat isn't all that great
The music was a last second that thing I added haha

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