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My walkthrough and FDA demo packs

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Hello there. I have returned back to Doom again, haven't played it in past few months.
As you may (or may not) know, I have organized two FDA contests here: eighth and sixteenth. But, despite of the nature of contests, I haven't any serious FDA experience since now (yeah, I'm used to play wads with saves on skills lower than UV) So, I decided to fix this (UV, pistol start, no saves) and here are results of my last dooming session.

First, I tried out doom2.wad and plutonia.wad. I see now that Doom 2 is really unbalanced for pistol start gameplay (I could name map10 and map13 at least), whereas Plutonia Experiment wasn't hard at all, it was really fun to play (I even beat map32 without deaths and the hardest map was map25).

Here are my demo packs. Every demo pack contains a text file with description and timings.
"Walkthrough" means that I've played this wad some years ago (still I really don't remember them in details), FDA means that I haven't played it yet.


Memento Mori 2 walkthrough pack (~50% completed):
Doom 2 Reloaded FDA pack (~25% completed):
Icarus: Alien Vanguard FDA pack (some DNF demos and txt):
Requiem walkthrough pack (~66% completed):
Gravity FDA (map01):


Plutonia 2
TNT Renascence
Memento Mori
32 Inch Nails
Hell Ground

I really want to hear any comments about my level of play and how it could be improved. I don't plan to record speed or max demos, I'm just improving my overall skill.
Enjoy watching!

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Doom2 map09

- Tendency towards erratic movement in most fights so far (0:00 to 1:30), which leads you into stray fireballs. (This tendency seems to persist throughout the video.) Movement should be more purpose-driven. e.g.: http://www.mediafire.com/download/p3og6usr37agkn5/d209_lm.lmp.

- Dispersal of rockets in the CGer trap can be more orderly, maybe four evenly spaced out rockets targeting lost souls before they approach, followed by switching to the CG and immediate camping (or something similar). It's preferable to map out a basic strategic approach whenever possible instead of simply shooting reactively.

Plutonia map19

- It's useful in single-location warp-ins to try to go to the "long end" of the playspace if possible, cutting through the revs and going back to the start location.

- The first death could be avoided by having a stronger weapon out upon boarding the teleporter (by not panicking too, but okay, two chaingunners at point blank range is scary :D). In general, it's useful to have the PR or something out at possible trap locations in maps like these.

I recorded a true FDA of this recently (I haven't played most of Final Doom, believe it or not), a more concise way of communicating alternate strategies. (YK area has unnecessary tanking, but my keyboard/mouse don't cooperate lately. The cyber fight is idiotic either way though.)

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Heh, I have recorded Doom 2 in Chocolate Doom and I'm really get pissed with Doom shorttics demo format (1.4° angle step) and constant vertical mouse movement (it's very high for me in vanilla), so I've moved on prboom-plus and longtics in Plutonia Experiment.
I recommend to watch my recent Gravity map01 FDA. I've finished it without deaths in 17:40. The most surprising part is that this map was used in First-Try Demo Contest #2 and it the first place was taken by very strong player Heretic in 17:06.

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~ 0:00-1:00: The erratic movement when fighting things like pinkies isn't too necessary. Here it doesn't matter because the fights are completely non-threatening, but the main thing is it won't translate well to more hectic encounters. (I'll try not to repeat myself on this point.)

~ 1:30-2:00: Would skip harmless monsters like these pinkies at first, at least until it's established that the map will be generous enough with ammo. I like the decision to ignore the baron for a short time and do a bit of reconnaissance. Evading the HK before it would have been good too -- nobles are extremely non-threatening in this environment.

~ 3:00: The fight with the HK is efficient (after the imp is dead).

~ 3:30: Cool secret. I missed this one (edit: and the berserk).

~ 4:30: A short break to compliment the design of this map. This area is amazing.

~ 5:00: Good decision to temporarily ignore the group of pinkies.

~ whenever: The HK punching technique isn't terrible, but too far of a straight-line approach -- you'll need very good reactions to avoid damage if it decides to attack right as you get close.

~ 7:30: Using all of the rockets on the non-threatening mancs is on the riskier side, with as much bullet ammo as you have (and a shellbox laying around).

~ 8:30: In AV + rev setups, it's cleanest to dodge the vile's attack somewhat on the late side to minimize the time spent immobile. If you have to hug cover immediately, you can back up slowly from the pillar while the vile completes its attack cycle, so that you aren't a stationary target for the revs. (This is probably the most dangerous encounter in the map.)

~ 9:30: Solid baron+PE fighting. (Dropping off the ledge and picking off the baron from below is ultra safe but way too cowardly in a map like this. :D)

~ 11:30: Good fighting of the AV in the YK room -- seeking out more solid cover would have surely ended up with the baron resurrected. If it were at all possible, preventing the AV from leaving the blue armor cubby (blocking it with your own body) would be the go-to move.

~ 12:00: It's unfortunate you didn't stumble into the SSG earlier -- you might have beaten Heretic's time. (And these baron fights would be less tedious.)

~ 13:00: Good caco punching. Punching as soon after the attack as possible is the cleanest non-acrobatic approach.

~ 14:00: HK punching should be quite a bit easier than caco punching. Maybe something to practice doing more cleanly. Hmm, but then the showdown with the baron is better. The difference is clear: your average distance is smaller, with fewer long approaches and long straight retreats.

~ 15:30: Good kill of the AV. I would have set everything loose at once too with that ammo situation and the relative lack of threat. (I got here with the secret BFG.)

~ 16:00: The sudden direction shift with your back towards the cyber as it fired rockets made me tense up. :D Erratic direction shifts with cybers around are a no-no; they should be controlled (e.g. the typical dodging patterns while holding down fire with a plasma rifle when you have to stand in one spot, or while going for the two-shot).

~ 16:30: Yeah finding the SSG would have been been a surefire win over Heretic's time. Somewhat unlucky, but oh well. Not a bad performance overall.

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