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Hey, just starting on redoing all of the maps in Doom 2. I just got done with, I guess you could call it a beta, of the first map I'm going to tackle, map 01, entryway. I know I'm not too good at mapping, so any and all criticism or ideas on how to improve what I'm doing or where I can improve upon what's where would be helpful. The config I'm using is Zdoom.

I'm trying to do the maps based on their name and keep the gameplay smooth.


Once again, any and all input is greatly appreciated.

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The only reason you use Zdoom format is just to use textures as flats and vice versa, many will recommend you to just start doing boom format, it's far more simpler and gives you a larger audience.

About the layout: It's pretty basic, I would compare this to wolfenstein even, I liked all of the rooms and the texture scheme seems fair. It just needs more space and a play of heights.

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