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Ancient Aliens proofs [-complevel 9]

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DSDA page aka aaliens // aaliens.wad


Post your proofs of Ancient Aliens here. It is a Boom-compatible conspiracy by skillsaw & his Illuminati cronies.

Complevel 9 in prboom-plus should be enough to prove NASA faked the moon landing.


starting things off - love this WAD :D

map01 uv-max 1:32


Edited by Maribo

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rehelekretep said:

does this count as spam? sorry :(

No. More like a shitpost. LOL. (Just kidding.) [Does my post count as a spam now...] [[Sorry...]] [[[I'm going to watch those runs now, the WAD sounds interesting!]]] [[[[Wow, beautiful maps!]]]]

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Nah you're good. If you've got demos you can post them.

Here's a crappy map01 max in 1:12
One of you short map -experts should beat this with ease.


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at least i can take solace in the fact that cyber mostly used the same routes as me, so im not completely useless :D

i liked the 05 the best - i wondered about leaving the BK guys behind, but you have to clean them up later as the infighting is minimal. i guess it is quicker with the SSG though

i also never tried getting the revenants to infight with the cyber with the newer route. i tried it but only before i changed my route from blue armour-YK. with more hp/armour it might be more possible and then the revenants can get killed while you clean up the rest of the map?

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rehelekretep said:

nice nice. are you going to do the whole wad? i feel redundant planning maxes if youre going to do them anyway!

Currently planning all ILs, episodes, and hopefully D2ALL.

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Cyberdemon531 said:

May I suggest episode runs should follow the death exits?

Absolutely, the ep runs should follow the episodic splits in Zdoom. Slavishly sticking to the IWAD tradition is not necessary here.

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