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Project "Doom - The Boardgame" as Snapmap

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My next project are the 5 maps from "Doom - The Boardgame". The first is ready:

1 life, medium difficult, 10 - 15 Minutes, 5 secrets and diffrent ways

1 Knee-deep in the dead: 6QJGSPLX

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Next map is online.

2: The shores of hell: R4TNXJGC

2 lifes (+ 2 secret lifes), 20 - 30 Minutens, Middle difficult, many secrets (inclusive secret weapons)

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*Sigh* Your map wasn't good. I'll be blunt about it.

  • Gameplay: 2/5 – Boring. No song to make things exciting, and enemy placements that are too tough with the weaponry you got. Shotty and HMG isn’t enough for an HK, 4 Pinkies, a Caco, and some other shit.
  • Difficulty: 2/5 – Harper back to gameplay, the difficulty is hard, for the wrong reason. Granted, theres another way besides previously mentioned. This being against 2 Security in a small room with just a shotty. So fair...
  • Map Design: 2/5 – Below average. Only the setpiece rooms had stuff in them, and not a lot of it. Any other room were without luster or fx or life.
  • Sound: 1/5 – NOTHING. LITERALLY. Put music, for god’s sake!
  • Uniqueness: 1/5 – This map fits well with all the other nameless, forgettable maps without much work put into it. Too hard without reason, and no reasons to come back to it. It doesn’t have anything other maps don’t do better.
  • Technicality: 3/5 – At least it didn’t crash. I’ll give it that.
Dude. I'd suggest taking tutorials, and trying other maps that have higher likes to it: see what make them fun. Cause fun isn't in this map.

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Thanks for playing. Hard words, but I will always try to make it better. The degree of difficulty is intentional, because it should be a challenge to master the map :).

By the way, the next Map is online. It is a linear Map with Time Pressure and a little easier, I hope. One life but in the middle of the Map, you will find a extra life and a checkpoint. Playtime 10 Minutes and with 5 secrets.

3: Inferno: 9RE86AFC

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Now all 5 Scenarios from Doom the boardgame are ready and on-line. I have to move tried the original levels as good as possible in an singleplayer campaign around the one or other change then, however, I have not come all around. And now I wish all a lot of fun!

- Every level has another gameplay
- Difficult: medium - hard
- Secret items with extra points
- Playtime: 15 - 30 Minutes for one Level
- Every Level is tested and has no bugs

1: knee-deep in the dead / WGUZWVDC
2: The shores of hell / Y7VCVPRA
3: Inferno / 9RE86AFC
4: Thy flesh consumed / 7ZXEJV2Q
5: And hell followed / WAHH9M99

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