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everdump, before the archives (Map for Doom 2)

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tldr;Doom 2, GZDoom

I invite one and all to come play my first attempt at a submission.

Now that I have mapping for almost exactly 5 months, I feel that I have a better understanding of how things work. I am very proud of this map. I've put a lot of time in it and thought.

This map started off as an homage to my favorite Doom monster - the Cacodemon. Particularly how it flies. I'll let you determine if I did it effectively.

The music track is "Metropolis" from Ratchet & Clank which I downloaded from Musescore.com: https://musescore.com/nabernizer/metropolis-kerwan

This is a multi-compat attempt by me. Primarily this is designed for gzdoom, but I've limited the features so that it is also playable in Zandronum 3.0. The polygonal slants do not translate to Zandronum so they remain as flat surfaces. No 3D Slanted Floors.

Map features:
- Singleplayer
- Coop (2-8)
- Deathmatch (2-12)

3D Floors (Water & Room over Room)
ACS Scripts for more interactivity.
Optional, "Bonus Mission" for Singleplayer and Coop
Difficulty options.
Fast paced FPS action.

The story is this:
You're Doomguy.

All credits to Id Software. Everything is stock Doom 2. ...except the music - as stated before.

Special Thanks: Scifista42, Dragonfly, Gez, illuknisa and many more from, ***The Miscellaneous Doom Editing Questions Thread***

...and everyone who believed in me.

Screenshots: (1 Large Image)



Addendum: Known Bugs: 2nd Door after red key door does some weird stuff sometimes. You can still get throught it, however.

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I liked most of the combat set-ups the map had. It could've done with less hitscanners, especially less Chaingunners on alcoves behind or above you.

The level design itself was good but sort of a mishmash. It played like each room was designed to show off some gzdoom feature you had learned regardless of consistency. It took me 40 minutes to finish the level (I didn't to the Red Skull Key side quest) and at least 10 minutes were because I got lost not knowing you could interact with the red switch that raised the crate in one of the rooms. There isn't much of an indication showing you can interact with the computer that opens the underwater gates to the blue key either, and having a Mancubus plus a bunch of Imps and Barons waiting for you at the other side felt cheap.

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