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Batman Doom questions and request to map makers

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Currently, there is a nice sourceport Crispy Doom (based on Chocolate Doom) to play Batman Doom (and other total conversions). It has a crosshair necessary to wield non-centered weapons and direct aiming with view pitch. But Batman Doom needs some fixes to be played well in Crispy Doom (e.g. removing episode selection lumps that I already did), I did some of them but there are some that I can't manage.

1) There is a map bug in MAP08 where a monster can fall down under the stairs making the player get stuck and doing melee damage to him from below (see Doom Builder screen and savegame https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bycv-h0BCyw0TEpqVnE3QmR4Mms, from the savegame just go ahead and you'll experience the bug when stepping off the metal armature bridge onto the building). Is it possible to close that little gap between sectors?

2) There is also a map bug on the spiral staircase in Map 25: Joker, where the enemy can also get stuck in the textures https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bycv-h0BCyw0M0c2WEpSZGNhSHc.

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