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Olympus Mons Generation Corp. v2 - Q8TJDQXM

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My first original map in snapmap. Has checkpoints and secrets and hopefully isn't too easy or too hard. Any feedback would also be appreciated.


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Instant classic. Exactly what I was looking for. The first couple of rooms settle the atmosphere and it keeps on going.

I don't want to give away anything for future players, just a few points:

- creative environment (I thought only I had this idea how to use windows to buff those dull modules!);
- creative use of demons (no random "ah, let's just put a baron there");
- shotgun and double-barrel (all we need);
- space to explore;
- space to breathe (again, no noob "ah, let's just spawn two barons in this small room" type of thing)
- and there's 'suspense' (to use the technical term) -- for example, the last lockdown with the observation area gave me the sh.ts when I looked at the b...ards waiting for me, but then I realised what to do;
- in a nutshell, there's atmosphere, variety and balance.

It's not a thumb-down, but I did feel sometimes that there were too many lockdowns and waves. I only died once where you pick up the double-barrel. But then the good old boomstick kept me out of trouble, definitely.

I started to hate the lockdown events on snapmaps, so I was trying to go the old way with the enemy spawn on my map. But actually your map gave me the idea to maybe go around experimenting with wave events.

My score:

(I don't know how to insert images, sorry for the link.)

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Thanks so much for taking the time to play and review. Really appreciate the feedback.

100% with the lockdowns. I've actually been trying to find new ways to use the logic in snapmap to do something different. Been experimenting with some new features and I am currently working on the next map which builds off of this one.

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Really hoping to create more atmosphere this time around as well along with much more interactivity. The only issue that is driving me nuts is the restrictive object limit which text somehow has a huge effect on.

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