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[- Greenlight -] The Forestale [2D game, gzdoom-gpl]

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Good day, i present you the game The Forestale
This game for GZDoom-GPL engine.
Now aviable DEMO v 1.2, link to download demo in steam!:
The Forestale game came to Greenlight, it needs the support and feedback. I hope you enjoy the game.

The Forestale greenlight:
>>> The Forestale greenlight <<<
>>> The Forestale greenlight <<<

New video Gameplay:

Bloody rabbit & fox O_o
or begins brutal foresttale:


256 palette:


The game is a platformer with metroidvania elements, we play as Alex the rabbit, kill enemies, collect carrots, hearts, heart frames, upgrades, keys, secret map pieces, etc.

The rabbit collects carrots during the game, which can then be spent in the shop to improve attributes like run speed, jump height, air control, sliding, etc. Of course, there are also rarer magic rhombi that are not in the shop. There will also be places in the levels that are not accessible to a non-upgraded rabbit, a la Castlevania =)

I also want to noe that the game is being developed on the upgraded id tech 1 engine and is made in the style of old-school 3D consoles, like PSX and Nintendo 64.

I hope for your feedback. Peace y'all! Wink



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Actually, this is great. Nice showcase of what's possible in the engine, and very reminiscent of PlayStation-era platform games (actually, the ice level reminds me personally of the PSP's Sonic Rivals - in a good way, I hasten to add).

Good luck with the Greenlight. :D

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