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how does this code work and weapon help

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Your Friendly Neighbour Hood Noobie.

Hey guys so i was looking on the z doom wiki and came across this in a tutorial

script 1 (int sw1, sw2, sw3)
// If all three switches have been thrown,
// then activate the radiation leak.
if (sw1 && sw2 && sw3)
Sector_SetDamage (1, 50, MOD_LAVA);

// Turn off the radiation leak.
Sector_SetDamage (1, 0, MOD_WATER);

my question is how would this work as straight up I think how does it know what switch to look for it says sw1/switch 1 , sw2/switch2 , sw3/switch 3 however there is no tag to look for or at least of my understanding and i have built a sector which requires a door to be unlocked by 3 buttons.

Question 2.

So. I have made my first weapon just to figure it out how the frame selection sound and stuff works. and i have got the basics of it i understand how to make a custom projectile how to use bullet puff or something like that (cant remember what its called at this moment the thing that fires the gun.) what id like to know is more. i mean i just recently found a ice cannon and looked at the decorate file and found there is such thing as a damage type what i would like to know is I can see there are other damage types like fire. but when i use fire as a damage type on my weapon it doesn't make them catch fire.things like these. I would just love to learn more. and anything you think would benefit me.

To Anyone who reads all this thanks as I know this is a pretty big read much appreciated.

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