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Texture looks weird when testing

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I'm afraid this is going to be something obvious but I can't find any help with this problem.

I imported the texture "railing" from plutonia, on the visual mode in doom builder 2 it looks fine, but when testing with zdoom and skulltag it looks like this:

The other textures I've imported look fine, does anyone know what's going on?

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I do believe it's the tutti-frutti effect. Click on the link, i'm sure it'll help you find the cause of this problem.

(edited my post like 5 times, because couldn't get the link right, sorry)

Ok, so i've read it myself. Basically, your texture must be 128 units tall. Otherwise you get this glitch.

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It does look like it's that, but how do I fix it?
I tried to make the height 128 in the textures files in slade but that didn't work.

Ok, it turns out I'm just an idiot, I put the doom graphic files for those textures between the tags where you are supposed to put the flats in slade, I moved them and now it looks fine.

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