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Doom 2 version of the Blessed Engine finally released!

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allright715 3 weeks ago said:

I wonder if you'll ever release the Doom II Blessed Engine so that someone else can make a wad out of it.

tapewolf 3 weeks ago said:

Ah, what the hell... dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/60408280/bless216.zip

It's based on an earlier branch of the mod, so not everything that was in 1.9 is in the doom 2 version. The main change is that it makes most of the Doom 2 monsters work to some degree, except for the mancubus which is a barrel and doesn't trigger that linedef on Dead Simple or whatever. The only properly overhauled Doom 2 monster is the hell knight, aka 'The Eraser'

'Nuff said.



Edited by Maes : Added local copy of zip, for great justice.

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