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Liberate 1024 - Final Version

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Liberate 1024 is a 7 map 1024 set for doom2, it covers various different themes and every map is designed with pistol start in mind.

It is fully tested with Prboom+ and Zdoom. It wont work with vanilla.

The idea behind the map set was that after completing a map for THT, I wasn't sure what I was wanting todo next theme wise, so I decided to make some 1024 maps to test out different texture combos, voodoo doll scripting, monster placements/traps and even some dehacked nonsense.

I'll probably tidy these maps up and release them to idgames, unless people think they are an insult to mankind, in which case I wont bother :-)

On a side note I would recommend this exercise to any mapper with mapper's block, by the end of the map set you can probably guess what theme I decided on.

EDIT: 25/07/2016

Download- Final version, if nothing crops up then I will be uploading this to idgames in the next coupe of days


Credits- Mechadon for his sky texture used in map02, which I'm probably going to use again soon, its cracking :-)









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These were pretty good.

Map01 is pretty standard. It's allright, but nothing really notable. Basicallly 2 corridors and a space.

Map02 is pretty unique. What I liked about it the most was the fact you could skirt around the hills on the edge of the map. It's a little thing, but makes a huge difference!

Map03 seemed pretty big, despite you not using a lot of the room you had left. I'd recommend a secret for that space maybe?

My favorite is your cute Underhalls-like Map04. That was well put together, and stood out to me as a great map. Only problem with it is that There is a graphical bug you have at two of the windows (shows the sky as a texture and not as a sky)

Map05 should have been a little more impactful, but for some reason wasn't. Maybe it had to do with the dark monotone lighting inside some of the rooms. Add computer flashes or light flicker for a better effect.

Map06 is also cute. I like how it's not exactly a scaled E1M1 clone.

Map07 feels like standard fare, something that would fit in an ID E1.

Overall, loving it! This is staying on my computer (I have a weakness for 1024 maps)

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Criticisms and stuff:

-- The HKs are largely non-threatening, and they represent a decent chunk of the HP in the mapset, so they make the gameplay draggy where they appear.

-- Every mapset should really have custom music.

-- I couldn't play map05 (basically quit Doom after a couple dozen seconds) due to whatever that sound effect was.

-- In map01 and map02 I got to the exit with monsters still alive, and I had saved some of my better ammo in preparation for what was a finale with a threatening monster (which entailed doing things like chaingunning a baron instead of rocketing it). It turns out these monsters were still around due to faulty teleport mechanisms. In map01, two pinkies don't warp in because the way teleport destinations work is that only one spot actually "counts" in a given sector -- so two pinkies attempt to warp to the spot that is blocked by another. The scrolling floor teleportation mechanism is also a one-shot sort of deal as currently constructed, so in map02 I'm guessing that something was blocking a teleport destination when a monster tried to warp in.

-- In map03 and map07 I'm assuming you intended the player to shoot the shotgun guys with the pistol in order to take their shotgun. It's worth keeping in mind that the shotgun guy has a chance of resisting pain stun and retaliating for an unavoidable bit of damage, which would be irritating. In mapsets that are of a more easygoing nature, the way many people have fun is to try to avoid damage altogether. (Luckily it's possible to use pacifist strategies to avoid this, but in my experience, the "pistol vs. single shotgun guy" starts tend to be oblivious to the potential annoyance. For example there was a map I played where the player starts with a lone shotgun guy in a 256x256 room, with only a tiny door directly in front of the shotgun guy, meaning no way of avoiding this.)

-- map02 was my favorite in terms of design -- a very small number of structural elements repeated in a cute way. It also did something that 1024x1024 maps should try to do -- that is, transform the environment. Going from static tiny room to static tiny room as if you're just playing a small-scaled "normal map" normally isn't so interesting. Transformation and reuse of the playspace is cool, otoh. map06 was my second favorite, because the homage is adorable. :)

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Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

Map01- Was more about getting enemy's coming from different directions, its was a criticism of my previous map so if the demons are not spawning in then I had better get that fixed.

Map02- Was my least favourite after I had finished it. Again more of an experiment of enemy spawning/placement. However working out how to get the environment to change was an interesting challenge.

Map03- I reckon I could fit a few secrets in and probably ditch the shotgunner.

Map04- I kinda like Underhalls, so I took the time to look round and study how it was built, do like the map myself. The windows are indeed not finished, guess I forgot about them.

Map05- I do apologise rdwpa (for the second time in recent memory), I replaced the automap with some sparks, however the sound I used was commander keen dying so it can be heard though-out the level, probably ditch that. Also I will tweak the lighting.

Map06- Blatant e1m1 clone :-) However I never new just how bright some sections of e1 maps are, 255 in outdoor areas and lights!!

Map07- Again more e1.

Any ideas for replacing some of the Hk's for something else? thinking revs, I'll have a play around.

As for custom music I think I will add some to the final verson, probably some 80/90's metal and some e1 music for the last 2.

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A nice little map set, though as rdwpa says, the HKs are hardly a threat, so it may be worth adding them into crowds instead of being a solo encounter. If you have some space against an HK, they're just a waste of ammo.

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Final version completed.


1. Changed HK fights (most of them) to be more interesting, removed harsh shotgunner starts.
2. Fixed texture problems and monsters not spawning in.
3. Removed old dehacked patch with unwanted special effects.
4. New dehacked patch with map names.
5. Level title gfxs and new title picture.
6. Music for all levels, blend of my fav doom midis along with more appropriate music for levels.

Have fun, this version will be uploaded to idgames in the next few days unless something crops up.

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