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theres nothing here

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why did you go on here? its just a page for a "crappy" wad!

to see what was here go on the nightmare.wad post! theres a remade version of what was here. its alot better!

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weird, short, and trippy.... Especially the 3rd level.

Took me forever to figure out where the exit was on that map.

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This is one of the worst wads I've ever played, not only it's massive in it's file size, it's fucking pointless.
In E1M1 you kill less than 10 enemies, go to an overlonging tunnel and exit, next 2 levels are the same, only you have no monsters there.
This was definetly made in 10 seconds, not each level even.

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Idea: Good.
Execution: Sloppy.

Play void.wad and The Sky May Be, then remake this.

everennui said:

Why is this wad 41Mb?

Gigantic MP3s.

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