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Brett's channel

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aka the guy responsible for the centered weapons mode, credits sequence, and various other animations included in the game of all sorts. don't think this is all that worthy of a new thread as his channel is made up of a mere 6 videos on its playlist and it's entirely 'credit to team' content, as in 'list of people who made this possible' and the such, but I deemed it a funny enough curiosity to share it here :p. besides, it's oddly obscure.


There's also what I believe is some really old footage of what was then Argent Facility, which was I suspect probably part of the Quakecon 2014 private showcase. There's also *some* unreleased/rejected footage of what was going to be shown at Quakecon last year.

Just as a side comment, turns out the game actually did feature a filter of sorts back then it seems. I initially thought the washed out coloring was all due to the stream's quality, but the game really looked garish as fuck back then. Glad they went back and redid it.

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thanks for sharing this, great find. I think it's interesting how the levels where re-arranged, it would be cool to see these levels released for shits and giggles, kinda like classic maps.

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Cool to see someone else found this. I sent him a message asking if he'd be willing to shed some more light on the Quakecon 2014 stuff a while ago. I'm hoping for a response but I'm not going to be persistent about it.

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