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What WADS would you recommend me

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Hello guys could you please reccomend me some wads as cant seem to find many good ones im currently looking for anything that is any good I will also try joke wads (as long as theyre decent joke wads/no terry wads)

some of my favourites would be:
-awesome weapon pack (Joke Wad)
-sonic doom

Thanks guys

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Doomworld Forums trilogy

Swift Death


Terminator Unit 9042 Deluxe Edition


Ancient Aliens

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If you really want to test your skills, I'd recommend Spicy Evil Spaghetti, Extreme Terror, Suckerpunch.

Unloved is a gorgeous MOD that uses a hub system to cool effect. Doomkid has some tried and true Old School map sets that play well. (The Devilz Work the one I've played most.)

Comatose is a cool WAD that pushes the limits of Boom.

DUMP 3 has some cool maps in it.

The Japanese Community Project has some great maps.

I just put one on the forums today. ;p

The Cacoawards are a good place to start.

These aren't necessarily like Sunlust... some of them are single maps. Unloved is way less open.

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Return to Hadron, really fun Doom 1 wad with combat that puts a different spin on slaughter-lite

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I'd highly recommend Hellbound,

Valiant and Ancient Aliens are pretty good as well (even if I haven't finished them, yet).

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MrGlide said:

stardate, swim with the whales, Ancient aliens.

Excellent suggestions good sir. All three.

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Call of Dooty, Call of Dooty II: Green Ops, Call of Dooty III: Spectre.

BYHAE (requires BDv19)

1024 Claustrophobia

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EDIT: WHoops, you got that already...

Well, you could try Hell revealed 1 + 2. Both are bit rough around the edges, but maybe they'll suit your tastes.

Oh, and there's also combat shock, or crumpets. Hanging gardens might also be fine.

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