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The Potato Crique Corner

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Hello one and all! Welcome to the Potato’s critique corner and fun maps list!


Jcoop XGEVPPY5 - Very solid solo/coop map with a damn challenging run through. It’s tough, but the type of tough that can be done. Best played with others!
Phobos Action Lab UJMNPUF7 – It doesn’t have checkpoints or great music, but the sheer onslaught of demons and especially revenants makes this a fun solo experience! Challenging, but doable!
Engineering Bay 24 3W289EC4 – Forgot what made this map fun, but I remember it! Will edit this later.
Tower of glass QKPAAUC9 – WINDOWS. Short map with simple battles, but the map design alone is reason enough to give this a go. A map you should really see in editing to believe!
Candyland 8XDUXY5Q – A colorful tour through hell with a LOT of zombie security! Has solid replay ability for better scoring! However it’s somewhat tough in navigation.
Doomness Pt1 EKYH3U72 – IF you can ignore the one/life run this map’s got, then it’s a pretty hectic map! Very great use of FXs, sound, and enemy ramp-up difficulty! Also changing goal placements!
STRONGHOLD QCA7N2PG – An endless fight against hordes of demonic bastards with a base to defend. Random events, a good amount of variety, and solid action. However it IS ENDLESS, so the flare may die out.(OUTDATED. Will edit in due time)

I decided to make this thread for 2 reasons:
    ONE – to have a go-to list of favorite maps I can refer to replay, OR for other players to enjoy! I’m quite surprised such a thread hasn’t been done yet: of a thread that contains the best snapmaps in the forums and other places! This includes maps in Snapmaphub.com (which I have yet to try), maps in this lovely forum, or just maps I came across in Doom itself!
    TWO – to be a spot for people to send me maps to try! There’s a bunch of maps people here have created, and I want to get the chance to play them whenever possible!! My motto goes “If you have the time to make it, I have the time to play it” Cause having no one play your map sucks! I KNOW!

When I’m done playing said map, I’ll give a critique of how I experienced the map!
NOW REMEMBER: this is what I, ME, MYSELF, AND I, see as fun, which can differ from person to person. I’ve been doing reviews of other people’s map, which depicts how I critique maps (and why I’m motivated to do this thread to begin with). I critique things in my wording, which can sometimes feel insulting. It sucks that’s how I give honest, true-to-heart opinions of how I feel of a map. These critiques are NOT to say your map is shit, no! It’s just to say what can be done better. What ideas/opinions I can bestow to help your maps become greater. If there’s a bug, I’ll tell it. If there’s a boring part of a segment, I’ll mention it. I tell whatever needs improvement, or whatever part of the map impressed me. This is how I critique:

Gameplay - How fun is it playing the map?
Map Design - How creative/intricate is the map? How often do you get lost? Is the objective of the map clear?
Sound - How good is the music? How fitting is the song/sounds place in the map?
Difficulty - How hard is it? Is it a justifiable hard?
Uniqueness - How much does this map stand out compare to others? What does it have that makes it a defining map compare to the masses?
Technicality - How buggy is the map/if at all? Do they get in the way of enjoyment? What can be improved upon? What programming ideas have been done here that haven’t been done in others?

I hope that this thread of collective reviews/list of fun maps can help spark the other people who made the maps to get more people try them out. That’s a tongue twister, but in a nutshell: I play maps to have fun with them, and with this thread, give more publicity to said maps. I will play more maps as I go, whether from repliers of this thread, or just others from the Snapmap thread itself!

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