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Just when you thought there weren't enough first .wad threads...

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I've been working on this for a bit intermittently, but I'd say the first level is in a proper feedback-worthy state.


This wad requires GZDoom 2.1.1 and is for doom 2. Currently there are groundworks for levels 2, 6 and 7 present in this file, but these are in various low stages of completion.

Difficulty levels have been implemented, though UV is recommended. I'll probably have to tune the diffculty up in future, but eh.

Images below


EDIT: Updated map 1 to increase flow and ammo amounts. Lighting should be more consistent, some encounters have been altered and a new section of the map in a barebones state.

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PseudoGold said:

This wad requires the latest version of GZ/ZDoom and is for doom 2.

This line is one reason this post hasn't received any replies, despite screenshots, which already put you ahead of 90% of first wad threads in presentation.

People will have to look up what version they have, and then search for what version is the latest (because you didn't mention it in your post), before even downloading the wad.

As a general rule, make it as easy as possible for people to know exactly what to do to run your wad.

(Anyway, those versions are GZDoom 2.1.1 and ZDoom 2.8.1.)


I played the map. :)

Colored lighting is typically best used as a regular scheme. Here there are a few isolated patches of it, often with very abrupt transitions between it and regular lighting, which generally look ugly. The isolated script messages are strange too. These particular ZDoom feature are ones that have to be used in a coherent way. They seem slapped-in haphazardly.

Gameplay tends to heavily reward door-camping, because a lot of the layout is room -> 64- or 128-wide (that is to say, narrow) opening -> room with a lot of hitscanners. But it's a low-pressure sort of door-camping, so it's not too exciting. Most egregious is the 64-wide path into the blinking light area. It's wise to sit and wait for monsters to come out.

Doors in general aren't so great for map flow. it's often a good idea to keep the doors other than key doors to a minimum. This sort of gameplay (monsters predominately placed directly in the map, with limited use of traps and set pieces) is somewhat more interesting when monsters can path from room to room more freely. It also allows for more flexibility: you can use a combination of static monsters (elevated, behind windows, etc.) and freely roving monsters, of ambush monsters and ones that can start tracking the player down from a good distance, of directly placed monsters and indirectly placed ones (traps, teleports, etc.), to create a unique and dynamic situation to your heart's content.

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