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Tolwyn releases new song — Rusty Tampon

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Sigh. DB is down again:
http://files.tolwyn.com/music/t_rustytampon.mp3 is the direct link.

A song I originally started to write in 2013 after going to a Five Finger Death Punch concert. I found their songs good, but they were pretentiously overly-angry for no reason and exhibited an attitude that just didn't resonate with me.

So, I just made... this.

3 years later, I listened to it again, shared a "quick mix" with Klem and Jimmy, and decided it was worth it to master it and release it.

Let me know what you think.
(This is not available as a MIDI file).

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I like the melody (though repeats a bit much in the middle), I dig the sound of the drums a lot... but the timbre/mixing of the guitars make them feel like they're behind a foam curtain or something, while the drums are crisp and in your face.

That said, I am largely biased against heavy metal and its subgenres as a sound I just don't enjoy

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Not the kind of stuff I'm usually into, but definitely good. Very different from anything I've heard.

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This is awesome, Tolwyn - Catchy and groovy, but also aggressive. Highly listenable and zero wank. Great job man, I dig it.

Tolwyn said:

(This is not available as a MIDI file).

If you do decide to make a MIDI of it, that would be sweet. I know I'd be using it in the map01 spot next time I start working on a map pack.

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I agree with Doomkid, definitely enjoyed listening to this one and I think it could easily be a great track for an action-packed map.

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