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is it possible to have an animated object?

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like the liquid textures is it possable to string objects together to animate? or only in zdoom?

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not sure what you mean. There are plenty of sprites that have animation cycles (typically ranging from 2-4 frames), torches, twitching corpses, etc. If you don't wish to use the stock objects you can replace those sprites with whatever you want and they'll animate accordingly in any port (poke through the IWADs in slade and you'll see the names of the sprites to replace). If you want new custom objects with long animation cycles or what-have-you, then indeed you'd probably need to use zdoom (or do some dehacked trickery where you steal frames from misc unused items and cobble together your own frankenstein thing, which can be cumbersome)

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Thank you so much, I didn't realise. I need to try and make some smoke/steam objects.

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