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Hey, Carny!

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November 22, 2001
[12:01 PM] - Carnevil

* New ST by year's end?

That's what I'm aiming for! :) Things have been going fairly well so far, and not too much more needs to be done for the next release! Couple more skins need to be finished up, as well as a couple levels, and we should be good to go!

This next release will be the "very rough" release of the full deathmatch episode. All the levels will be available, but stuff like the ending probably won't have as much work done on them as I'd like (hey, it's the "very rough" version!) Be sure to check out the ST wishlist forum thread to submit anything you'd like to see in the next version! (Did I mention ST has it's own forum now?)

I also got the pleasure of going to Biff's LAN party last week. We played quite a bit of ST, CTF style :) It was a lot of fun! Everyone seemed to have a great time, despite there being some network problems, since we were using the old version (still working out some CTF related quirks in the new version).

Anyway, new version coming soon!


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yes, though updates on skulltag have been SLLLOOOOWWW the least he can do is update his page with info why its taking so long.

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Insomniac said:



Yes master.

... okay, less sarcastically this time. Alright, guess that's a good idea.

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