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OMGC Powerstation Alpha - testing / feedback appreciated

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Just got finished my newest map which is a continuation of my first original map, Olympus Mons Generation Corp.

This one is in Powerstation Alpha and has a lot more interactivity and I aimed to make it more suspenseful than the last. Managed to finish it with about .40 remaining for "network" objects.

If you see any ideas that you like you can of course download the map and see the associated logic chains as I'm always more than happy to help in any way that I can.

Anyways, keep your eye out for a big secret and watch hints carefully as it will make the map a little less complicated.

GJFC2HV3 - OMGC Powerstation Alpha

Enjoy and do please up or downvote and leave any feedback on oversights, what you liked amd what you didn't.


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