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Giza Invasion

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You clamber to a wall of one of your posts, one of the last human territories in Giza, Egypt. As you wipe the dust off your helmet to see, the worst sight comes to you;
a demon army.

Will you survive in order to keep control of Giza? Are you a bad enough dude to destory Hell?

Highlighted sectors are intended for the demon group locations.

The trading post itself

On a wall.

Work in progress of course.

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Please make sure you make the Yellow Key accessible only in multiplayer mode, rendering the yellow key door in single-player unplayable.


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Probably going to upload it to IDgames now.

Edit: Done. Should be up and out in a few days.

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Neat map idea, however, consider difficulty levels of spawning. This map almost works with hideous destructor, but not being able to dial back the monsters doesn't help.

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