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How Toonami feels about DOOM

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Pfft, Tom's just mad his voice didn't make it as random-marine-that dies-#3 in D4 like it did in D3.

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Trycon said:

Toonami is still around!?

That's cool.

It's been back for a while, Saturday Night. Since it starts so late at night, the anime is more or less uncensored, much like the few anime that aired on Adult Swim prior to its comeback.

Jaxxoon R said:

I thought Toonami was a studio that dubbed anime.

You're thinking of Funimation, Toonami's just a network, a branch of Cartoon Network.

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Toonami's reviews are usually shorts between commercial breaks, even back in the day.

I just thought of something funny. This is the comeback of a popular 90's network reviewing the reboot of a popular 90's shooter. Retroception.

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