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My snapmaps

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I've made several completed snapmaps, but instead of clogging up webspace I've compiled them in one thread.

They are listed in order of creation although can be played in any order as the mission story as it were is self contained; ~5 minutes of gametime, solo missions, medium difficulty, balanced for 1 life but also have checkpoints (reloading a map sucks). These maps are complete and ready to be played.

In any case, enjoy:

Martian penal colony - BYJXB6DV

Outpost Omega - Wzusc4yn (this one is also co-op)

Dissodium overload - AVUSVXX3

Damaged Goods - Uzbh6qrc

Armed and Dangerous - FG7hqrm7

Hostage Crisis - 44gr8cx7

Belly of the beast - 3V7Y37HE

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Had to re upload armed and dangerous due to map corruption...:(

Anyways, its new map id is: FG7hqrm7

I've taken a break from snapmap building to play other people's work and give feedback as well as catch up on a bunch of games.

Rest assured, I have some more maps gestating!

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