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Action Time - A Custom Action Doom 2 Map

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It took me some time to figure out how Scores work and to make it feel close to the First level, Here's a "Beat 'em up" Action Doom 2 Map i made .

It's setup for different Difficulties, has some Nice secrets and a Boss battle, It also uses a Custom song .

(Excuse the Silly Map title) .

Go ahead beat 'em up, Oh, And gimme some feedback : https://www.mediafire.com/?ufci190mc0imgfd

Screamshots, Some sections inspired by GTA SA :

There might be few bugs that i didn't notice, Please tell me if you find any .

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I'm trying to play your map, but it gives a error

Script error, "MAPINFO" line 2:
Bad syntax.
BTW: i think you should've uploaded the map in /idgames instead from here, but i'm not complaining :)

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I'd like to upload this to IDGAMES but i don't receive a confirmation e-mail after the file is uploaded, what i'm i doing wrong ?

EDIT : I followed the cmd method btw .

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