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C.A.N. - Frumpy Atrocity (demo)

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Egregious Ease of Experiencing Everlasting Egregore Expenditures is my magnum opus dei, and it is unlikely to be raedy for the world anytime soon.

But I know that the souls of the people thirst for innovation.

And so I will present a small thing I have been working on.

This necessitates a Zdoom, and some IWAD (freedoom2.wad or doom2.wad).

You start with 3 weapons, press 1 (unlimited), 2 (bullets) and 3 (psy) to cycle thru them.

The local YMCA has been attacked by zombies. People have been evacuated safely, but now the entire district has been overtaken by zombies. A viral necromancer was suspect for sending the zombies over. But was it raelly his work?

The streets are too dangerous for the people to enter. A group of enthusiasts used a ritual to spawn a animated smokeconstruckt, that could be used to penetrate the streets, fend of the zombies and uncover the mystery. And this is how the adventure begins.

You are encouraged to jump, crouch and laeve feedback.

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My god.... This was quite an interesting experience.

LOL at the sounds and sprites.

By the way, the text on the shirts of the enemies only shows up for like 1 very quick second and then goes back to being white. I can only see the text on their shirts when I die.

Honestly, its the most original thing I have played in a while. Weird as hell... But original.

Interesting stuff here my man. Interesting stuff indeed.

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I liked it! Too bad it was only 3 levels(2 really) but I enjoyed it quite a bit. The sound replacement was amusing and the enemies were fun to kill and funny-looking. I also thought that the basic layout and progression was quite good and overall the art style was unique and cool. The "Secret Revealed" applause sound was a nice touch but my personal favorite was the Use key sound replacement, couldn't get enough it! It was definitely worth playing.

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