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Scenario. You're dropped into a single module. After killing the lone zombie, you are now fighting for your life as creatures spawn throughout the module. You are on a timer - 3, 4 or 5 minutes (it doesn't really matter). You have a chaingun and a plasma rifle and grenades and your wits and speed. Can you beat this? If you can, I want video. I came close - oh so close.... You can go up - you can go down, but you can't escape this.... Just for fun, no real point to it other than to blow shit away. :-)

Map id: S8MUT959

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So, I've had the opportunity to play with the mechanics of this one and took care of some stuff that was bugging me - so when the player gets killed and respawns it doesn't set off another timer (for instance) and rather that setting off a small subset of spawners when one dies, I set it (using a random relay) so that it spawns a large subset of creatures but with the higher percentage being on zombies or engineers (to soften the blow). It does make it easier but it's still a hell of a fight and I did away with Caco's because they were just too difficult in a small area - but, it won't be in this map - that's future improvements to be seen in a future map that is in the works.

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