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[Doom 4 SnapMap] Frantic Mode 1.0 - Kill Demons, Get More Time!

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Hey you all!

I just want to share my very first polished SnapMap here with you guys, Frantic Mode:

"Get the highest score before time runs out. The more you kill, the more time you get!"


- Every 10 kills you get a random weapon, and must fight a new wave of demons in another room. All rooms can be accessed from anywhere (4 rooms, 3 teleporters in each room).
- Be careful not to die! If you do, your score will be set to 0 (actually something like -2147568234, because of scripting limitations )
- Around the map you can find eight 30-seconds time bonuses (white), and two 45-seconds time bonuses (green). Picking these up will give you a better chance of getting a high score, but make sure don't die during this extra time!
- There's a combo system, so the more demons you kill in a row, the more score you get per demons killed!

Map ID:

More SnapMaps coming soon!
I'll share them with you guys when I have something final...

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Ah I haven't stepped back in campaign mode since I've finished it... But I LOVED the rune challenges (haven't found all of them yet actually...)

It makes me wanna make a one-weapon super tight challenge SnapMap someday

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