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Jaxxoon R

Asbestos Queen

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Asbestos Queen!

My very first attempt at a Boom-compatible map pack, though it's recommended you instead play in Zdoom and its derivatives for the sake of an enhanced CD-quality soundtrack™. It's a bit of a work-in-progress, so expect issues and expect to be expected to point out those issues, as you might expect. And just how work-in-progress is this, you might probably wonder?

    Map01 - 100%
    Map02 - 100%
    Map03 - 100%
    Map04 - 100%
    Map05 - 100%
    Map06 - 100%
    Map07 - 100%
Wow, that's a lot of work to be progressed in!

Screenshots live here:

Please play my game, that would make me pretty happy I guess thanks.

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damn those screenies are looking nice. Going to give this one a go tomorrow.

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Played the first two maps so far. Thoughts:

- Good soundtrack and level design.
- Music in the first level slightly reminded me of Sonic Adventure.
- Part of the Doom '16 canon.

10 out of 10.

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Oh yeah, I forgot to say I finished MAP02 a couple days ago after a couple days. Now the grand story of how you got from a basement to an elevator up high is revealed. I also decided to extend the length 1 map so I could use mancubus and arachnotron death events for the final boss thing.

Thanks for y'allers' kind words, by the by.

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I am on the 5th map, and to tell you the truth, the wad is very solid. The usage of blue was used very well in the first map, and the second map followed with some luscious green vines. The following maps brought a decent architectural premise with favor of difficult odds such as revanants and the occasional spam of pinkies seen earlier in the wad.

Overall, a great wad that is ultimately quite short but cuts the shit and gets to the point with smartly placed monsters. 10/10=Punchy and entertaining

Though the third level was particularly brutalXD

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Gave it a whirl—excellent work, you've improved a helluva lot. I like how you interlock levels but constantly have ledge platforming/window hopping. Let's go map by map, shall we? Played on Zdoom 2.5.0 on my mac.

MAP01: Great start here, love how you drop the player into a big room with an overlooking manc and warp some hitscanners in to pressure them. Also really like the COMPBLU aesthetics covering the level, as it gives it a distinct taste (plus that sexy SoRR Slow Moon track is always soothing to listen to). One tiny issue is that a handful of demons in the map can't get down certain steps, and there's a couple spots where you can hit enemies but they can't hit you—dunno if that's an intentional design you wanna keep. Personally too, I'd add a couple (2-3) stimpacks here and there too, since any major damage you take is pretty permanent. Lastly, a medikit before the exit (or two) for continuous players is always a nice touch. Other than that it was a really solid opener that has an awesome layout.

(Oh yeah, and these midtextures bleed through the floor—just change their sector brightness by 1 and it look normal)

MAP02: Not quite as striking as MAP01, but it has a couple of good moments of combat (like the red key revs). I really like the vegetation theme, but part of the problem is that it's predominantly a single texture repeated throughout... needs a little more variation in the cubbies or something. Spotted a couple more questionable things here too—this chaingunner is stuck behind monster block lines which looks/feels really weird when you encounter him, and behind it the door never even opens, which is a bit of a red herring when you're hunting for secrets (I'd recommend getting rid of it or having it slightly opened to a dark hall the player can't access). Noticed this midtex bleeding. I think you need to move 4 shotgun shells from somewhere on the map over to where the second revenant is in the red key cave since I almost ran out of ammo there. Lastly—it's a minor thing—but I'd recommend lowering this lower wall down three pixels so that the dark edge lines up with the window to make it look more aesthetically pleasing.

This wasn't a bad map mind you! It was still pretty fun with a good layout, but it lacked the "oomph" that MAP01 brought to the table.

MAP03: This map felt very Russian to me... I think it was the boxy start combined with the expansive, nonlinear caves. I think this is a good change-up coming off of the more traditional hallway crawls of the first two maps, and I thought its difficulty was in line with the others. Looked real pretty too. I caught two more (1, 2) midtex bleeds. These pillars kinda confused me, because there's no need for them to lower since you can easily get to them by heading around a corner. I also think you should swap the RL and backpack, and maybe plop down a bonus RL at that manc tower after finding the golf secret. Lastly, the final battle is ripe for an AV to warp in as soon as you hit the exit lowering switch, though I also think that arena needs 2 bonus medikits (since it's currently dry). Nice work, again; I greatly appreciate that you've kept your maps nonlinear, and that this one had a whole bunch of bonuses scattered around that served as health pick ups.

MAP04: Wasn't as thrilled about this one. I think the start is pretty neat as you have to fight high priority targets while avoiding insta-death rockets, but all of the side areas are bereft of interesting combat. That, and the weird door number stuff you have going on isn't really a clean way to mark level progression, as I think you should have all 3 keys obtainable whenever you wanna go to them. Good work with midtextures and fake 3d floors though—always appreciate some Boom trickery.

Also, not sure if i's just my port or it's unfinished, but the new SS soldier uses the old SS sprites for certain directions and his death animation.

MAP05: Heyyy, this one was neat. I liked the setting here, and how you move the player around each portion of the tower with silent warps. It's a bit of a quick one with not a lot of great combat, but there were a couple of standout moments, like the big 3d grating bridge and the big fight near the end (which totally needs a second AV in it, BTW—the rocket launcher makes short work of the single yellow bastard, even with his pinkies to get in the way to soak up damage). Spotted some bleeding here, and way out in the nether... I think it's just a big raised floor? Anyway, this was quite delightful, though that final fight needs a bit more teeth.

Cool stuff. I think your unorthodox style is like this really weird blend between non-traditional Russian mappers and more modern traditional mappers like Breezeep/AD, meaning you have strong layout interconnectivity yet there's always eccentricities abound within the complex. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the last two maps.

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Glad that you gave it a go, and the detailed feedback proved to be a real help. I've taken every bit into consideration best I could, though it's been a little slow-going. Not sure what caused the bleeding you found... I think I might've accidentally fixed it?

Anyways, I'm pleased to announce that I've finished maps six and seven, complete with a custom boss thing to cap it off. It's a pretty skeleriffic experience.

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