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The Sound Design of Doom Interview - DOOM 2?

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Interesting part from the interview:

"Are you ready for DOOM 2?


Whatever our next project may end up being, I am chomping at the bit to do a better job and use our tools and audio engine more efficiently… Never thought I would be excited about efficiency and workflow, but here I am.


I can’t discuss what our next project will be. But, I’m always looking forward to creating new sounds. We are planning a ton of cool unique field recording sessions, including an explosions session!"

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Interview said:

We had a blast with some gore recording, raw meat, macaroni salad, cabbage, celery, wet cloth, pistachio shells etc. Went to a junkyard and smashed all the heavy metal we could find.


Interview said:

We did a fair amount of recording. We did a big ‘Gore’ recording session with all kinds of meats, vegetables and strange gooey things. One of my favorite sounds from that session was when Austin Duffy (our Jr. Sound Designer) decided to take a Whirly tube (kids toy that whistles when you spin it around in the air) and stuff it full of raw boneless chicken meat. The sounds it made as he squished the meat into the tube, alternately compressing and expanding it, were so disgusting. Imagine air trapped in a flexible plastic tube between two wads of wet meat. It gurgled and bubbled and gasped and the tube accentuated and colored the sound, making it very alien. Anyhow, that session was very fruitful. Those sounds are all over DOOM.

really, now. hm.

(not pictured: L.A Noire's 'press square to doubt' reaction image.)

such a fucking shame the sound mixing in this game is downright assfucking terrible then, because not once in my last two playthroughs did I hear anything that stuck out to me. Maybe I'm just deaf because everything was either drowned out by the music, or the possessed screaming like retards all over an area, or the sounds were so low and played in such a small area that I never once heard them.

now did they actually make any new gore sounds for the game as they so claim? we don't know. and we might just never.

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Yeah, the sound was mixed so poorly I felt the need to make a thread about it. I just do not for the life of me understand how a game in 2016 can have such a poor execution of the propagation of sound. It's kind of sad to think that the original Doom, which is nearly a quarter fucking century old by this point, handled it better, even though it was more primitive. There really is just no excuse for how completely arbitrary and glitchy the sound in Doom '16 is. I would say it was enough to taint the experience, just a little. Sound is incredibly important, especially in modern games. I can't stand dying in Doom '16 because I know that a bunch of sounds will be missing, or the same sound will be used twice in a row, or it just won't have any impact. I was also a bit disappointed that, while the battle music sounds pretty good on its own, it's incredibly messy and noisy in-game and ends up being very underwhelming.

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