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Doom 1 Short little map Blue Base

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Just had a run through, 3mins and 43 seconds to complete, 100% kills no secrets.

Layout was ok, mostly linear. Was fine for a quick bash.

A bit more work on the texturing and ditching some strange textures will make the map look nicer, the layout I would leave for now.

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Looks pretty good to me, but I found a lot of tutti-frutti/medusa errors running it in Chocolate-Doom.

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A bit too bright with some odd texturing here and there.
By probing through Id maps, generally they follow these rules:

Lights should create contrast with the environment, not ~just~ serve to illuminate

Rooms lower than 128 in normal circumstances should be 144 units of brightness
Rooms 128 or higher should be 128 units of brightness
Dark areas or shadows should be 112 units
96 units should be used rarely for VERY dark areas.

Normal lights are 192
Lights that fill an area are 160

Also, please no floor switches.

Overall though, bretty good.

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