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PILLARS.WAD -- first WAD ever?

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Well what the heck? I thought ORIGWAD was oldest!
Also, The Official Doom FAQ has (in a section about DM maps, chapter 14 or so):

I doubt that I'm the only one who has discovered this, so please, Doom gurus, enlighten me.

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Nevander said:

I don't even know what ORIGWAD.wad is.

The very FIRST (or not) WAD ever, made with a frickin' hex editor. Search /idgames.

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Most likely just a wrong timestamp for whatever reason. Timestamps are trivially easy to change now and they were trivially easy to change 22 years ago as well.

The fact that it has a text file (with the same date as the WAD) similar in structure to today's idgames text files indicates it's not older than ORIGWAD.

If that's not obvious enough, in the text file itself the author mentions he used DEU 5.0 which according to Romero's old website was released on 30th March 1994. He even adds in parentheses "Best so far." suggesting there were other (worse) editors at that point.

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