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Uac Lab Invasion (map)

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RanhDoomer said:

How did you get it to work?

It's because he put the actual source of the image first, as in i.imgur.com/name-here.png.

You put an entire single image album in, like imgur.com/a/. That's not how to do it.

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I was sad that this didn't work in PrBoom cause I like to make demos. Saves me the pain of giving real feedback. ;)

You did use some GZDoom features though, so that's cool. I had a pretty good time, and things look decent for an early effort. It was quite easy on UV. Some other notes:

- In general, it's sort of a series of unrelated rooms, which is a style that a lot of new mappers work with, and tends to be pretty uninteresting. Being able to see other areas, through windows, above, below, etc, even if you aren't interacting with them, makes it a lot more interesting. One part where this is done well is the window into the key switch that you can't shoot through. It's a small thing, but it adds some visual interest and it also it gives the player some information, allowing them to make an informed choice (even though it's a simple choice).

- The backtracking is empty. Consider adding some monster closets that open for the player to encounter when backtracking.

- Besides the 2 barons, there's not really a need for the SSG. Consider adding higher-tier monsters after the SSG is given, or putting the SSG in a secrety area.

- The 2 barons fights are pretty uninteresting in themselves, though I do like how they work thematically, especially in the room with hard shadows. But I think the second baron fight could use 2 of them, and first should be something without barons.

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